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The Sky on Tuesday 5 July 2022

Sunspot data from Brussels The Sun and ... Om månenthe Moon

Add one hour for Daylight Savings Time!
Stockholm: Today the Sun rises at 02:41, 7 minutes later than one week ago. It sets at 21:03, 5 minutes earlier than one week ago.
Stockholm: Today the Moon rises at 09:49 and it sets at 23:22.

Future total and annular solar eclipses until 2040. Map by Fred Espenak.

Astronomical events

In 2 days at 03:14 CET: Moon in first quarter
In 2 days at 17 CET: Moon 5° N of Spica

Rise/set times for the Sun, Moon and Planets in 2022 from 22 different cities in Sweden.
Astronomical events this month and next month (in Swedish).

A few links:

SNIPPETS -- free sources in C, C++ and asm. Hundreds of routines.
Free C source for computing sunrise/set times, with comments.

Nonexistent celestial bodies


USNO's ICE (Interactive Computerized Ephemeris), which gives high-precision planetary positions from 1800 to 2050, can be downloaded here! (size somewhat less than 1 MByte).
Info about ICE can be found here! ICE is an old MSDOS program which requires DOSbox to be run on a modern Windows PC.

How to compute planetary positions
Tutorial on computing planetary positions
Computing rise/set times
Photometry/radiometry and astronomy
Time, GMT, UTC, TAI and GPS
ZC (Zodiacal Catalogue) online
The world's largest telescopes

TV broadcast systems worldwide

Freeware Halo simulator

Halo ver 3 - freeware halo simulator

Computer simulation of a complex halo display as would be imaged by a whole sky fisheye lens. The sun is 27 degrees above the horizon. This image was generated by Version 3 of the freeware program HALO, available for download at https://www.atoptics.co.uk/halo/halfeat.htm. It runs under Windows.

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